When the decision is made to use outside consulting services, your company has options.  You can use the all-in-one company with its own product line and uniformed guard services or an independent consulting service like ISA.

Initially both options will look the same on the surface.   Physical security specialists will meet with your staff to determine your company’s needs and vision of security.  They will look at your budget and insurance requirements and start the onsite inspections.  A vulnerability and threat assessment with an evaluation of the programs and systems that are in place to protect you, your family, or your business will be completed and recommendations submitted to mitigate the risks and address vulnerabilities.

The difference ISA offers is our consulting and training services were designed and staffed to assist the US military, law enforcement, and foreign government security agencies with specialized physical security consulting and dignitary protection training.  For you the client that means we will provide you with a completely objective and unbiased evaluation of your current security program and recommendations to improve it.   We are able to give advice or recommendations that are not limited to specific service providers or products.  There is no profit margin for us to attain.

Proven Track Record

If a sole source contract is the most beneficial to the client we will recommend it, but we have a proven track record of thinking outside the box to meet our clients’ needs.  ISA specialists were requested to design the physical security program for key capital buildings of a foreign government. This system when completed included:

  •  A fully integrated system of low light, infrared, thermal imaging, close circuit TVs with face recognition software
  •  Sound, motion and thermal detection
  •  Biometric identification with active and passive anti-intrusion access control
  •  Crash proof vehicle barriers and gates
  •  Ultra high intensity lighting and other non-lethal, anti-intrusion systems
  •  Explosive and chemical detectors
  •  Fire detection and suppression
  •  Air and water purification
  •  Medical response facility

Specialized contractors from six nations and manufactures from twelve different companies were recommended to install the components of this system.  The results were under budget, on schedule, and fully operational.

As impressive as that system is, your family, home, or office has different needs and ISA doesn’t believe there is an all-in-one
solution. Let our physical security staff help you find the right answers to your security questions.