Domestic Violence Intervention

The Domestic Violence Action Network

shieldArtist: Maarten van Heemskerck
Date: 1559
Man Protected by the Shield of Faith

 “When I see this artists work of Satan hurling burning arrows at a praying victim below, I think of the victim of domestic violence who feels like the entire world has come crashing down on them and there is no help but to pray it stops”.
Matthew Parker CEO, ISA

But there is help, the ISA Domestic Violence Action Network will assist law enforcement and domestic violence agency's stop the violence by shielding the victim from contact with the abuser until the threat and risks have been mitigated.

We provide a safe and secure environment to the victim, and give police time so they, and domestic violence advocates, can help the victim find solutions.

Our Mission: To assist family courts, attorneys, domestic violence agencies and law enforcement in the prevention of domestic violence by providing security and protection services to victims identified as high risk.

Using our knowledge and assets from our executive  protection services, witness protection and counter- stalker programs, we provide services at little to no cost to the victims.

The Domestic Violence Action Network provides the following services:

Transportation and an escort:  To and from shelters, work and home, required shopping, local errands, school, court and other  appointments.

Close protection: Our escort team will prevent further violence towards the victim in support of law enforcement requests and working with domestic violence advocates.

  • Physical security assessments of home and office
  • We provide a low key physical presence at home and work and escort the victim as required.
  • We may install a temporary alarm system in the home and issue a panic alarm to the victim.

Relocation: Victims who have been determined to be at high risk may require relocation pending law enforcement action or court intervention. ISA working with our partners in the moving and housing industry will assist with relocation.

Fund Raising: ISA will assist organizations with their fund raising efforts to deal with domestic violence in their community's. A portion of those funds are reserved so we can provide services at no cost to the victims.

The ISA Domestic Violence Program is a non profit community out reach effort to assist domestic violence organizations and law enforcement in breaking the cycle of violence.

Charitable contributions and local donations of money and materials allow us to serve this cause without placing a burden on tax payers or victims of abuse.

Contact us for more information at or call 315-486-7854