Secure Travel Services

 Commercial air travel has never been an efficient or safe way for dignitaries and  executives to move around the country or internationally.
Problems at airports with security, parking and the ever present issues with flight delays, lost luggage and unruly passengers are not going to improve any time soon.

But ISA has partnered with vetted private air and ground transportation providers to make travel safe, secure and worry free and with travel agents available 24/7 and access to over 5,000 aircraft worldwide and a fleet of vehicles to select from our providers are ready to work with you.

Many of our partners also offer concierge services such as

  • Hotel bookings
  • Yacht charters
  • Luggage delivery service
  • Theater tickets & restaurant reservations
  • Private chauffeurs and limo or car rentals

Each air service provider is independently owned but through our partnership network they have agreed to provide services to ISA customers at rates not easily found in the market.

7f99186c-88e2-42a7-8b07-226f5644ddc3-mediumFor those clients interested in traveling the seas we can assist with ship and boat charters and cruse arrangements. If you need to get away from the daily stress of life or the glaring eyes of the media the open sea may be the solution.




2008_chevrolet_suburban_ltz_1500_4wd-pic-22429Once you arrive at your port of call or the airport we can provide a selection of luxury cars and suvs both standard or armored. And specially trained drivers to ensure you get to your final destination.



Please contact us with any questions on our secure travel programs and allow us to provide you with a quote for service you can shop and compare.

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