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Crisis Response Services
-Hostage Retrieval
-Rapid Response Teams

Anti-Publicity Stealth Program
-Political and Business Leaders

International Business Intelligence Program
-In Country Market Analytics
-Discreet Atmospherics, political, religious, economic
-First Contact with Government Leaders, Business & Labor Leaders 


 The Arab Spring Pro-Democracy Movement swept around the region in just weeks. In some nations, the basic fabric of society was torn and chaos was the rule of the day.  In times such as these, we will be there if evacuation is needed. Our security teams will secure the plane on the ground allowing you to board and depart. Our former military pilots know how to fly into and out of harms way.

Your situation may be simpler than that. Perhaps a loved one needs your presence sooner rather than later or you need to attend an emergency meeting for your organization. We will get you there.

Hostage Retrieval
If the day comes that a loved one or a member of your corporate family is taken, the feeling of being helpless is something you don’t forget. It can be a personal loss and a company nightmare.  But when all other options have been exhausted and you decide to pay a ransom, we want to be your first call.  We will assist you with the exchange by coordinating the transfer of money and we will bring them home.  With our fleet of private planes, we will go to any destination and we will safely retrieve and return your family member home.  Read this special article »

Rapid Response Teams

 Domestically  riots and looting after a natural disaster or civil disturbance, a work stoppage or strike that becomes violent and kidnapping threats are situations that can and will happen without warning.

But ISA rapid response teams can often be on the ground providing medical and security services in as little as 24 hours.  Working with local law enforcement and state agencies making sure we are in full compliance of all applicable laws and regulations ISA teams will be there when you need them.

Full time or on call response teams are normally within 20 minutes of an airport and our access to a fleet of planes ensures we can move these teams to your location. We will take the measures necessary to safeguard you, your family, or other at risk individuals.

Stealth Mode

If the media and paparazzi are hounding you or your situation could be a publicist nightmare we have the assets to make you disappear in plain site.

17926abdbedce0964d637f8630e8e8f5Our body doubles allow you to be in two places at once, so for most situations such as:
-Attending a wedding, medical appointments, attending therapy
romantic escape

We can get you away and your private life stays private



The%20appalachian%20the%20grandpaISA working with travel advisors, resort owners, and others in the hospitality business has secluded locations for your escape.

-Tropical islands
-Mountain resorts
-Hunting cabins
-Small town America
-And homes in the country


Amazing-View-Cook-Island-High-Definition-Nature-Wallpapers-77897With little notice we can arrange for your pick up, transportation,  and covertly secure your hideaway.

You won't miss the movie premier, the red carpet event or your Tuesday brunch. The paparazzi will get all the pictures and you will enjoy all the privacy and escape.



International Business Intelligence Program

Earth-Great1aIn security challenged, politically unstable or culturally unresponsive regions of the world investment and business opportunity's abound. Corporate executives and small business owners alike need information to determine what regions are worth the risks for the possible awards. But if you don't know the markets or the ground how can you decide?

Let ISA help with your decision making.

ISA commercial intelligence teams can introduce your product with demographically driven surveys and live polls, targeted introductions of your products and services to the end users and meet informally with vendors and merchants on the ground.

F50F561A-E6E4-45A1-840C-4CE1F972329F_cx0_cy13_cw0_mw1024_s_n_r1We conduct
-In Country Market Analytics

-Discreet Atmospherics, political, religious, economic
-First Contact with Government Leaders, Business & Labor Leaders

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