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Overview and History


Independent Security Advisors LLC, is a disabled veteran-owned company based in Maryland with affiliates and partners across the United States and Internationally.

 Founded by the CEO in 1998 as a small family-operated security company in Georgia providing protection to victims of domestic violence, the company has evolved and is now known for providing protective security services to diplomats, elected officials, candidates for office, senior executives and celebrities.

In 2011 we started to provide dignitary and executive protection, physical security and other services to a select group of clients in the DC region. Since then our services and client base have continued to expand, and today ISA provides diplomatic level security, executive protection, witness protection services, and assists victims of human trafficking. 

It’s worth noting that outside of Government and Law Enforcement, few can provide a more complete or customized level of service.

Why Choose Us


Any security or consulting firm can say they believe their products and services meet or exceed some industry standard. But you won’t often hear them say we promise quantifiable results.  Here at ISA, we will achieve results for our clients that you can measure. Better efficiency, lower costs, faster response, superior training, improved security, and safety, regardless the description or terminology, the simple truth is ISA will go beyond the basics and minimum standards of other service providers and show you a difference you can see or measure.

We believe this philosophy is why we exceed our client’s expectations time and time again, and why our clients and their families continue to trust us with their safety and security. 

Our Network

ISA is part of a network of security providers across the United States and has regional teams in New England, the Washington DC region, Atlanta Georgia, North & South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, and California. And with partners in Ohio, Missouri, Washington State, and Texas, ISA can provide services to most corners of the country.

ISA international partners are selected from the finest protective service firms in the world. Each company is vetted and has agreed to support our clients with the same level of service we insist on here in the US. This network allows us to serve our clients in the UK, China, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.


Community Service

onlinelogomaker-102516-2326-8848ISA is the parent organization behind the Domestic Violence Action Network. Re-established in 2016, this network of security providers assists victims of domestic violence in partnership with law enforcement, state, local and private domestic violence organizations.

Working with 501c3 organizations the DVAN raises funds to provide close protection, secure transport, close escort, relocation, and other services at no cost to victims. This network also helps raise money for our DV partners so they can continue to serve those in need.



The ISA House of Worship Safety & Security Program began in 2016 with our security specialists working to improve the safety and security of the children and staff of summer programs conducted by various religious groups and organizations.

It evolved as the threats to houses of worship increased. Now our team conducts threat assessments, physical security inspections, training programs and work with the Dept of Homeland Security and law enforcement to reduce the threats from active shooters and other violence as well as to improve the overall physical security of the facility.

Working with a 501c3 organization the ISA House of Worship program raises money to reduce the financial burden for our services for small religious organizations and to provide free security services during periods of a heightened threat to those religious groups.  


Isalogo1In 2011 ISA conducted its first training program for law enforcement, a dignitary protection course focused on the security of local and state elected officials.

This was followed by training programs sponsored, and hosted by the University of Maryland Public Safety Training Academy, and from other law enforcement training facility’s nationwide.

Today our training division works with law enforcement, corporate and private security providing basic and advanced programs of instruction that are accredited and recognized for in-service credit, college credit, and endorsed by the International Foundation of Protection Officers.

These programs include:

  • Dignitary and Executive Protection
  • Terrorism and Extremism
  • Physical Security
  • Surveillance
  • Use of Force
  • Specialized Drivers and Medical Courses 


ISA is registered with the charter office of assessments and taxation for the state of Maryland as a Limited Liability Corporation and is a licensed and insured Private Detective Agency (License No. 106-4274)