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Dignitary Protection
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 22 reviews
 by Kevin Bray
DPP 101 rocks!

This training course from Independent Security Advisors is based on the best executive protection industry standards there are and has also been developed from intense, real-world experiences. This intensity is translated straight into the classroom with practical exercises that will challenge your intellect and test your fortitude. There is no down time in this 70-hour course.

I registered for this course to obtain new information and to update my previous EP training with a state law enforcement agency and, as the saying goes, "I got more that I bargained for". Matt Parker quickly showed me that my previous training, though very good at the time, was woefully insufficient for my future plans.

There are many EP schools to choose from and I cannot find the words to describe how fortunate I feel to have chosen DPP 101 from Independent Security Advisors. I truly feel that I now have the tools to prepare myself to either work alone in a low-threat environment or with a qualified team in a high threat environment.

If you are serious about achieving your executive protection mission objectives and are looking for the right training to do so, I urge you to find the next DPP 101 class and sign up.

 by John Morrissette
Student review

The Dignitary and Executive Protection course instructed my ISA’s Matt Parker is the best in the industry. He very approachable and knowledgeable.

 by Ron Mann
Great class! A lot of work!

After leaving the US Army CID in 1996 I knew I needed an update on dignitary protection since I am a licensed private investigator in North Carolina. I knew I did not want to provide EP services with an outdated education. I looked around and found a lot of big names in the industry with no solid educational or certified background. Then I found ISA's class, saw their background-not only experience, but accreditation and endorsement by solid, international and state groups. The NC private protective services board has approved this class and that was the selling point for me. Anyone can say they teach EP, but who says they have the educational background or the authority? Even big names out there are unaccredited! I chose Matt Parker and ISA because they have the credentials and the professional background. The class was intense, informative and educational. We earned our "Dignitary Protection Specialist" certification-it wasn't given to us just for attending. Thank you Matt!

 by Jaime Linen
Special Agent

If you are looking for a course that will provide you with great insight and training, you have found it. You will meet an exceptional group of men/women and contacts for future advancements. Matt is going to expect a lot from you so be prepared and asked questions. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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