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Diplomatic and Executive Protection Services

Diplomatic Level Security

It’s a fact that some of the finest protective service providers in the world can be found here in the United States. The US Military Protective Service, US Secret Service and US State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service are world-renowned for the protection they provide to this nation’s civilian and military leadership and the foreign dignitaries who visit and work in the United States.

And while there is no private company that has all of the resources, technology, equipment, or capabilities of these federal agencies, ISA provides similar services to the private sector.

Dignitary Protection

ISA specializes in providing diplomatic level security services and protection for former heads of state, other visiting dignitaries, and diplomatic missions using our internal assets and resources as well as working with national, state and local law enforcement. And just as important, but often overlooked, is the specialized security we provide to the families of these at-risk individuals.

With the increased threat of international and domestic terrorism these officials are at a higher risk of physical harm or to be victims of organized crime or violent protests. Often this category of diplomat or protectee will not receive a full security detail while traveling and the host nation may not have the resources or jurisdiction to assist.

Our agents working with our law enforcement partners will build a detailed threat assessment and provide a security plan that includes secure air and ground transportation, top level protective service agents, specially trained drivers, surveillance countermeasure teams, and our certified medical technicians.

Foreign delegations have an important job representing the national interests of their countries abroad and need to be able to conduct business in a safe and secure environment. ISA has the resources, staff, and experience to provide the security services necessary for our clients to work safely and securely.

Executive Protection

Executive ProtectionUnlike diplomats who require a higher level of direct threat protection, corporate executives, candidates for office, athletes and other celebrities need to be able to conduct business and meet with the public in an open and secure environment. These clients require a more refined security posture which is softer in appearance but still provides the executive protection required to do their work.

Today the financial costs and liability concerns of flying your corporate or private security team with the CEO or celebrity can be prohibitive. Your team may not have the license to operate at every location or know the ground.  The ISA executive protection program can support you with fully credentialed protective service agents, vehicles and specially trained drivers familiar with the local area.

Our team working with your staff will reduce the security risks and dangers associated with travel to unfamiliar locations such as becoming lost in the wrong part of town or becoming another a victim of street crime as well as preventing physical harm from former employees, fans or stalkers.

Athletes and Celebrities

Collage-for-ARM-careISA provides professional athletes and celebrities the freedom to move around town and interact with fans but also provides the privacy and security they desire. We understand the need to be able to interact with the general public while maintaining a basic level of protection from stalkers, street crime, or aggressive media and ISA can provide that service.
The ISA team includes former members of the NFL and NBA so we understand your lifestyle, the threats to you and your family. Don’t be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and risk your reputation and career.

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