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DV Intervention Programs

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The Domestic Violence Action Network provides the following services:

Transportation and an escort: Initially a single ISA protective agent may provide transportation to and from shelters, work and home, required shopping, local errands, school, court, and other appointments. Agents will be assigned to escort the victim during the day and be available at night if needed. 

Agents may facilitate child transfers during visitation and accompany the victim to joint events such as school meetings or child sporting and school events.   

Agents will accompany the victim and family at all times until the threat is determined to have been reduced.

Close protection: Should law enforcement determine the threat be immediate and could result in the loss of life of the victim our escort teams become a permanent protective detail providing around the clock security. These teams ensure there is no contact with the threat and secure the home and place of work or business.  

Physical security assessments of home and office: ISA agents will determine what security measures are needed at the home and workplace of the victims and we may install a temporary alarm system and issue a panic alarm to the victim. Other measures include new locks, reinforcing doors, exterior lighting, and CCTV systems.  

Relocation: Victims who have been determined to be at high risk may require relocation pending law enforcement action or court intervention. ISA working with our partners in the moving and housing industry will assist with relocation.


Children and Higher Threats

If there is a threat to the children of violence or kidnapping agents may be assigned to them as well.

Agents are well trained and have required licenses

Agents are armed with all required weapon licenses and permits

Vehicles are well maintained, have proper safety equipment such as child safety seats and have full insurance

Drivers have specialized drivers training and are properly licensed

Agents assigned to the safety and security of children have specialized training and experience with children 



If the threat is determined to be serious, loss of life or limb, agents will accompany the victim 24×7

With increased threats comes increased protection, but the victim will still be allowed to live their lives. Go shopping, take the children to the park, go running or to the gym and whatever it is they normally do.

There are limitations and restrictions while under ISA protection.

No illegal drug use or excessive alcohol use

No unnecessary contact with the abuser or his/her family or friends

No attempting to use the protective team to intimidate or instigate an incident with the abuser