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Executive Protection Training & Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security

Who are your strategic partners and friends?


We want to thank the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security and National American University for sharing our posts and articles    

 In the past, we have written articles and posted blogs about competitors within the executive protection industry working together to support each other’s contracts, and we talked about different specialized training providers such as the Vehicle Dynamics Institute that support our students with special tuition rates as we do theirs. But we want to highlight what happens when an Institute of Higher Education (IHE) and a private training provider decide to work together?

 It starts years ago when we reached out to Henley Putnam University about our efforts to establish an accredited and standardized training program for executive protection specialists, one that had the support of an educational partner. At the beginning of that outreach the administrators, deans, and professors could have said no thanks.

 After all, we were providing training the university offered as an educational program, any communication or cooperation with us could have been looked at as a conflict. Instead, they vetted our training programs, reviewed our syllabus and the credentials of our instructors, the end result was a credit agreement for our graduates with the university. They recognized that our training complimented their educational programs and instead of feeling threatened, the university listed us as a “Strategic Partner” on their website and the admissions team gladly mentored and guided our graduates helping them to move forward in the industry.

 Well, Henley Putnam University is now the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security and part of National American University and they are still concerned only for the success of the student. If you visit their Facebook page   you will find they have even shared our articles and blog posts on tuition costs and training programs. Why do that for a private training provider, honestly there was no expectation once they became part of NAU any agreement with us would be honored. 

 But not only is NAU interested in a new articulation agreement, but they are also deciding on a location to host an upcoming ISA training course. This type of professional courtesy and respect between NAU and ISA may be an anomaly in an industry that seems to be driven more by profit than by training excellence. But if you look carefully you will see that NAU and ISA both support a “student-centric philosophy” that says training and education should work hand in hand and is not mutually exclusive.

 The next ISA executive protection training program is September 17th to the 23rd in Troy North Carolina, and graduates still have a mentor available with the admissions office that will discuss educational options, industry trends and complete a credit review of your previous experience and training.  

  ISA, in turn, ensures our training program works in sync with the classes offered by the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security so that graduates can take advantage of the educational programs and be successful. In fact, we have an open door policy for their professors and will integrate the required reading, references, and texts into our own programs at every opportunity.

 Is it possible a prospective student of our programs will simply attend the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security based on our endorsement?  Sure, but that is not a loss for us, it’s a win for the industry so if you’re interested I  will give you their contact information.

Nancy Reggio
Phone: 855.246.7440
Email: [email protected]

 So thank you to the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security and to your Facebook team for sharing our posts. We will be sure to reciprocate and share your story with our friends and professional network.  



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