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Explosive Counter Measures International Visits ISA

Explosive Counter Measures International (ECI), located in Delaplane, Virginia, provides critical skills training in the detection of explosives and the use of K-9 detection assets in support of the executive protection mission.

In early April 2013, ISA reached out to different subject matter experts across the security spectrum in an effort to bring the latest technology and news to the students of the Dignitary Protection Course. Key to this effort was the introduction of the different resources available to agents in their efforts to secure not only the personal space around a protectee, but also the extended spaces of the home, office or venue.

Megan Kelley of ECI answered our call without hesitation and on the 18th of April, 2013, both Megan and her Chief Detection Specialist, Mr. Stuart Eanes, with his dog Buddy, presented an exceptional block of instruction on the cost benefits of using K-9 detection dogs, as well as the limitations and strengths of K-9 vs. electronic sensors. This was not just a general briefing, but a very targeted class that directly addressed the threat posed by explosive devices and the protection of dignitaries from the threat.

In light of the Boston, Massachusetts bombings, this training was not only very timely, but also provided our students with a new appreciation of the importance of bomb detection and of the assets and resources required to do this task correctly.

ISA recommends ECI to our clients and to those with a need for this valuable resource and training.