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A Strategic Education Partner

Henley Putnam School of Strategic Security:

 ISA believes training and education should go hand in hand so in order to provide students the ability to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Security and Protection Management, or a certificate in executive protection we reached out to Henley Putnam University in 2013.

 In February 2014 after extensive vetting and review, ISA training courses were approved for credit under the upper-level Strategic Security and Protection Management degree program.

Students with 2 years of professional experience who graduated from the ISA 70 hour Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist course, received course credit for:
PRO 494 Essentials of Executive Protection
PRO 466 Advance Work

 For law enforcement students who attend and graduate from the 50-hour Introduction to Dignitary Protection course you receive credit for:
PRO 466 Advance Work

 Henley Putnam University also authorized ISA graduates to be eligible for scholarships towards Henley-Putnam programs and offered a complete review of previous training and experience that may earn a student additional credit towards a degree.

By combining ISA resident training courses with the Henley-Putnam web-based training program, students received both hands on and a theoretical foundation of dignitary and executive protection training.  This partnership with an institution of higher learning we hoped would be the first step in establishing a recognized national standard in executive protection training and accreditation.

2018-2019 Henley Putnam School of Strategic Security

Today Henley Putnam has become the School of Strategic Security and is part of National American University. Our previous agreements are now being vetted as they look over the ISA improved syllabus and curriculums for all its programs.  Contact us for updates as the process continues, but remember the Henley Putnam School of Strategic Security will still complete a review of your previous experience and training towards college credit. 

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Note; ISA does not receive financial compensation in any way from this alliance, we joined with Henley Putnam University only for the betterment of our graduates.