References References represent themselves and not their agencies, no references receive compensation for being listed here. Aistala All references are former students or have first-hand knowledge of ISA programs 
Chief Robert P. Mueck
Director of Public Safety
St John’s College

buy cenforce 100mg Ian P. Cyr
Deputy Chief of Operations
University of Massachusetts Police Charles E. Reinhold
Department of Homeland Security
Protective Security Coordination Division
Email address:

Joe Autera
CEO Vehicle Dynamics Institute

Lt. Charles W. Smith Jr. #341
Maryland Capital Park Police
Cell: 240-687-3598

Warren M. Hayes
Office of Naval Intelligence
Metro DC region

Kevin Lawrence
Federal Bureau Investigation
Washington DC

Cynthia G Moy
Federal Police Officer
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Lt. Paul Arnstein
University Of Massachusetts
Boston Police

Lieutenant Vereen Barton, MAFP
Internal Affairs/Recruiting Manager
Lethality Assessment Coordinator
Maryland -National Capital Park Police
Prince George’s County Division

Dennis M. Atkinson
Independent Protective Agent
Washington DC

Cpl. Beau. Jarvis #2286
Prince George’s County Police Department

Carl Persons, PPS
Owner/Principal at Service Star Consulting, LLC
Formerly USSS

Lt. J. Schmahl
Emory University Police Dept.
Midtown Precinct Commander

J.W. Buice SO307
E.P.U. Commander
R.R.T. Assistant Commander

Lieutenant Detective David Flaherty
Boston College Police Department
617-552-4440 Main

Sgt. Andrew Szerokman
Radford Police Department
Radford Virginia

Michael L. Mansdoerfer
Radford Police Department
Radford Virginia

OFC R. Crice – #58 – ATRO
George Mason University Police

James Keenan – President
NYPD, Retired
JKeenan Security & Protective Services

Mikel Benton
Special Agent Palmetto Railways
Assigned to the office of Senator Tim Scott

Anthony D’Agostino
Law Enforcement Liaison, New York State Sheriffs’
Association – NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety

Captain AJ Andrzejewski # 1361
DeKalb County Police Department Retired
Former Asst. Precinct Commander – South