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Stealth Mode

If the media and paparazzi are hounding you or your situation could be a publicist nightmare we have the assets to make you disappear in plain site.

Our body doubles allow you to be in two places at once, so for most situations such as:
-Attending a wedding, medical appointments, attending therapy
romantic escape

We can get you away and your private life stays private


ISA working with travel advisors, resort owners, and others in the hospitality business has secluded locations for your escape.

-Tropical islands
-Mountain resorts
-Hunting cabins
-Small town America
-And homes in the country

With little notice we can arrange for your pick up, transportation,  and covertly secure your hideaway.

You won’t miss the movie premier, the red carpet event or your Tuesday brunch. The paparazzi will get all the pictures, and you will enjoy all the privacy and escape.

Please contact us for more information and availability of service.