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 House of Worship Security Management

For many faith-based organizations adding a security program to the ministry may seem like a daunting task. Administrators and the clergy often feel overwhelmed by the legal regulations, insurance liability considerations and the cost.

“This is why our House of Worship Security Management Program was started, to provide expert advice to security managers or to take that burden off the shoulders of the ministry team to establish and manage the security program for your faith-based organization”. 
Matthew Parker, CEO. ISA

Frequently asked questions include: 

“Should we use volunteers?”
“Should we hire off duty law enforcement?”
“Do we search parishioners entering the church onSunday?”


 Our team will conduct the physical security assessments, meet with local law enforcement and other first responders, determine your security needs, and then we will recruit and train staff and manage the security program so the ministry team can focus on its mission. For small houses of worship with a generally low threat, we can build your program with volunteers and some minor low-cost improvements to physical security and access control.

For larger facilities and those with a higher threat level for crime or violence, we can build a professionally trained and supervised security team incorporating the latest physical security measures.

But no matter the size of the facility or the level of the threat our team understands the mission and purpose of your house of worship, and we will do everything to ensure your work continues in a safe and secure environment that still has the welcoming atmosphere of a house of worship.


** The ISA House of Worship Security Program is partnered with a “501c3 nonprofit” that may provide our services at no cost to faith-based organizations that qualify

**  Contact us for more information.