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ISA and the Virginia DCJS PPS Accreditation

Pre-Approved Alternative Training The ISA dignitary protection training course meets or exceed the DCJS course requirements and will be accepted for credit in lieu of the DCJS equivalent. Both the Entry Level (32E) & In-Service (32I) courses have been approved. ISA is not an Virginia certified training provider because we are not a Virginia based company. But as we go forward into 2015 we look forward to continuing our mission of establishing a national standard of training and accreditation for dignitary and executive protection specialists with all our friends and partners such as the International Foundation of Protection Officers (IFPO) , Henley-Putnam University and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice PPS program. ISA will continue to work with university’s and colleges, law enforcement, state and federal agency’s and private security associations to ensure we continue to improve our training programs now and into the future.