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ISA assists the Vehicle Dynamics Institute “Fill this Truck” program in support of Louisiana flood victims

Malgobek Matthew Parker and Larry Side offload the truck Click on picture for additional information

ISA CEO Matthew Parker was given an opportunity to give back to the community this past week when he joined with Mr. Joe Autera the president and CEO of the Vehicle Dynamics Institute and  buy fda approved Clomiphene online Larry Side the Vice President of Operations and
Chief Instructor, to provide needed relief supplies to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The leadership of VDI, accompanied by Steven Dana the CEO of Protection from Abuse and Mr. Matthew Parker drove to Baton Rouge with a truck full of supplies and a mission to make sure they were delivered to the first responders who take care of others, before they think of themselves.

After hours on the road it was time to put muscles to work offloading the truck, and as Mr. Parker notes “its the kind of labor you enjoy, because you know the sweat and fatigue is well worth it”.

Once done offloading it was time to fix a flat tire on the truck and grab some lunch with the deputies. With that done, the team said it’s goodbyes and it was back on the road.

ISA is proud of our working relationship with VDI and Mr. Parker and the ISA team would like to thank VDI for their efforts in Louisiana  and for demonstrating what private industry can and should do for our fellow citizens when they are in need.