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When Outside Assistance Is Needed We Have The Team To Help You
Residential Commercial, Industrial

Consulting: Executive Protection, Physical Security, Business Continuity Programs

Program Management: Event Management (Conventions, shareholder meetings, sporting events and entertainment venues) 

 When the decision is made to use outside consulting services, your company has options. You can use the all-in-one company with its own product line or services or an independent consulting service like Independent Security Advisors LLC.

  Initially, both options may look the same on the surface, but ISA consultants are subject matter experts and specialists in their fields, not only do they have years of experience and share a wealth of knowledge with our clients, but their recommendations and opinions are unbiased or encumbered by the need to “sell” a product or service.  Our consulting programs are not based on a fixed profit margin.

What ISA will do

 The ISA team will listen to what our client wants and look to determine what they need to meet their goals. Our consultants are not sales agents, we won’t try to sell our clients an “all in one solution”, and this freedom allows us to serve the needs of the client without the undue influence of vendors or service providers.

 ISA teams as standard practice reach out to government and private agencies and organizations that may be able to provide our clients with additional resources or free and low-cost programs. Working with state and local officials, law enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and other agencies we ensure that available resources that may help our client reach their program goals are identified and integrated into a comprehensive package.  

 For Physical Security Programs, The ISA team will evaluate the current systems in place and recommend upgrades or new improvements to achieve the proper levels of security and using the correct measures to meet your specific needs, your budget, insurance or liability requirements. But then we will work with independent vendors to provide our clients with the best options and oversee their work to ensure they do the installation right the first time.
Note: Commercial and industrial facilities may have mandatory measures required by a regulatory agency and we will work to ensure all those requirements are met. 

 For Executive Protection and Business Continuity Programs, we will conduct a vulnerability and threat assessment, and based on those findings conduct an evaluation of the programs and systems that are currently in place to protect you, your family, or your business and submit recommendations to mitigate the vulnerabilities. We understand the costs and resources that go into these programs and we will be financially aware and budget-conscious throughout the process.
Note: The Internal Revenue Service has regulations that allow for the deduction of the costs associated with some security measures or programs, the ISA team will ensure those regulations and deductions are considered in our recommendations. 

Event & Program Management: If you are concerned over the security and safety of a specific location or facility we can assist with the establishment and management of a security program. Does your business or organization have a large or special event that will require security, medical response or access control? We can help put the assets in place to meet the requirements of the event and manage it from beginning to end. 

Houses of Worship: Free services are available, contact us for details.