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Executive Protection Services

 Executive protection, also known as close protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.

That seems easy enough, but sometimes there are subtle and not so subtle differences in the level of protection between a diplomat and a corporate executive. For instance, a diplomat may have on his/her person files or information considered by a nation-state to be highly classified. Information if compromised could result in a loss of life, damage to a national economy, or cause a war with a neighbor.

A corporate executive will have access to proprietary information that if compromised may result in a competitor learning of a new product, results in research and development and could cause financial losses for the company.

Not exactly the same, but the loss of a diplomat won’t have the same effect on his nation as the loss of a senior executive could have on his company. So ISA has developed its executive protection program to meet the unique safety and security needs of executives, but our programs are considered more service based.

 Unlike diplomats and elected officials who require a higher level of direct threat protection, corporate executives and celebrities need to be able to conduct business and meet with the public in a much more open and but secure environment. These clients require a more refined security posture which is softer in appearance but still provides the correct levels of protection required to do their work.

Today the financial costs and liability concerns of flying your corporate or private security team with the CEO or celebrity can be prohibitive. Your team may not have the license to operate at every location or know the ground.  The ISA executive protection program can support you with fully credentialed protective service agents, vehicles and specially trained drivers familiar with the local area.

Our Services

1. Close Protection

2. Physical Security Consulting

3. Threat Assessments and Program Management

4. Cyber and Mobile IT Security


Close Protection;  With the threats posed by paparazzi, crazed fans, stalkers, protestors and “pranksters” who like to assault executives and celebrities alike,  ISA ensures every protective service detail is staffed by agents that understand and are trained to recognize and mitigate the unique nature of these threats.  

 Our team working with your staff will reduce the security risks and dangers associated with travel to unfamiliar locations such as becoming lost in the wrong part of town or becoming another a victim of street crime as well as preventing physical harm from former employees, fans or stalkers.

  The ISA security detail will ensure our client can enjoy privacy when they want it, safely work a rope line, live and work in front of cameras and crowds, and be able to speak with stockholders and fans in an environment free of the fear of being hit by a pie or assaulted. 

Note; The detail also has the ability to make the client totally disappear when they need too. See Special Services

Physical Security; The safety and security of your home and office are important. For high net-worth executives and other categories of  VIPs physical and electronic intrusion into your home and office is a real concern.  So ISA physical security specialists working with our law enforcement partners will design a plan to keep your home safe and your office secure. On-site security will keep the grounds free of trespassers and our specialists will offer different programs to secure your environment from electronic eavesdropping. When traveling hotel rooms and suites are monitored to ensure only authorized people can enter and our agents can make those travels easier with a network of private planes and cars. 

ISA Threat Assesment; Our security experts will build protective and physical security programs that may recommend private or secure air and ground transportation, a top-level protective service agent or full detail, specially trained drivers, hostile surveillance detection teams, certified medical technicians and communication experts. But regardless of the recommendations, our goal is to mitigate threats and allow the clients to live, work, or travel without feeling as though they are restricted or unable to interact with others.

ISA Security Management; For executives and other categories of VIPs whose protection may not be provided by their company, label or organization, ISA program managers will establish the proper levels of service and working with the client’s staff manage all aspects of security. In addition, we will work with law enforcement, the TSA, and other agencies to ensure our client’s safety and security is never compromised while traveling. 

Cyber and Mobile IT Security; Texts, e-mails, and cell phone conversations should be private. Personal photographs should be electronically protected behind firewalls and all communication should have at least a basic level of encryption. To make sure that is all true ISA cybersecurity experts monitor networks, prevent or remove viruses and spyware, check cell phones, tablets and computers, and can establish secure communications worldwide.   

Athletes and Celebrities

Collage-for-ARM-careISA provides professional athletes and celebrities the freedom to move around town and interact with fans but also provides the privacy and security they desire. We understand the need to be able to interact with the general public while maintaining a basic level of protection from stalkers, street crime, or aggressive media and ISA can provide that service.

The ISA team includes former members of the NFL and NBA so we understand your lifestyle, the threats to you and your family. Don’t be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and risk your reputation and career.