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Special Services

ISA offers several services that are available to our clients that build on established security practices but are considered “program enhancers”.  This means each service while available by its self, is best used as part of a comprehensive protective program. These services include:

Enhanced Privacy: Body Doubles & Social Media Presence; Discreet Transportation and Relocation, Human & Electronic Surveillance Detection and Counter-Measures (H-TSCM)

Cyber Monitoring:  Intrusion Detection & Mitigation; File & Photo Security

Secure Communications: Encrypted Phones, E-Mail, and Secure Computers

Home/Property Security: Intrusion Detection & Mitigation; Access Control; Airspace Security

Who are these services for? 

 Regardless of your profession or social status, those in the public eye often enjoy remarkably less privacy than the typical person.  Photographers and overzealous or hostile paparazzi lurk in bushes and outside of restaurants. And with new technology cell phones, computers and tablets have become targets of information brokers and reporters. Personal pictures, e-mails, and other documents find their way onto social media sites and tabloids further violating the privacy of the targeted person.

But as bad as a loss of privacy is, a violation of your home or office can be much worse. Crazed fans and paparazzi going through your trash is an old problem, but stalkers entering your property and breaking into homes and hiding in guest rooms, or the pool house is a real and growing concern. Violence can be a breath away when these stalkers are discovered and their delusions challenged.

 Enhanced Privacy:

ISA has taken some of the old techniques such as body doubles and combined it with social media disinformation so that the paparazzi and others are looking in the wrong direction and staking out the wrong locations. All too often Twitter and Instagram can be a bigger threat to the client because at the speeds of cyberspace your location and activity can be compromised in just seconds. 

For many people just leaving your home can be a challenge because you could be followed by paparazzi in any number of ways, including, vehicle, by air, remote cameras, GPS tags and now drones. But our program of combining body doubles, social media, and using various techniques and procedures allows the client to move freely.


But discreet transportation and relocation doesn’t begin and end with simply escaping the house, using various techniques we can get the client from the house to the airport and anywhere in the world unseen and unknown for as long as we choose. And that comes in handy for vacations and special occasions where the media and paparazzi may not be welcome.

ISA secure and discreet transportation services, as well as our get-a-way services, are available for one person or a group and can be adapted to large scale events such as weddings, corporate meetings, and political events. 

Human & Electronic Surveillance Detection and Counter-Measures (H-TSCM)

Old fashion surveillance by physically watching, or the use of electronic listening and video devices being placed in and around the home, office, and vehicles still present a threat, and with new devices based on GPS, cell signal, burst transmission, and other technology if there is any public access or even a window there is a chance of information being compromised.  Add the threat of cell phones and other mobile IT being “hacked” and you have your every move, almost your every thought open to being intercepted and stolen. 

To counter these efforts, we have specialists and systems that detect people and these devices, and methods and procedures to make deaf and blind those who would try to place the client under surveillance. This total privacy approach is not for everyone but each component is available as a stand-alone service.

Cyber Monitoring:  

Selfies, private videos, and intimate e-mails are all being stolen from social media accounts, cell phones, e-mails and private accounts on the cloud. They find themselves on TMZ and in tabloids before the owner of the material is aware and they are seen by millions of people when they were meant for only one or two. And while the violation of private intimate moments can be personally devastating and embarrassing, the loss of proprietary information or work product can be financially and legally worse. 

For that reason, ISA offers cyber intrusion detection & mitigation services to combat those who would steal and publicize what is not there’s to share.  Cybersecurity experts build a network of security around the client’s accounts and information and actively monitor those accounts. If any threat is detected it is blocked and the information protected.  Combined with the TSCM program ISA specialists will surround the client’s conversations, activity, and information in a veil of protection.

Secure Communications:

But whether on vacation or on the way to work the client is at risk if their social media accounts and private communications become compromised. What good is all the effort to stay discreet if our every move is known because the client’s e-mail is being monitored or a listening device is in the home or the car? With the clients home, vehicle and office protected from human and electronic surveillance and the cyber team monitoring your computer and other electronic accounts the only way your information such as a daily schedule, reservation, meeting or conversation is going to be compromised is if the communication device the client uses to discuss these matters is open to being monitored.

ISA communication specialists can issue secure communication devices such as cell phones and laptop computers as well as ensure all transmitted messages, pictures or documents can only be read or seen by the intended recipient. And all communications can be set to delete after being read or received.   

Note: ISA specialists providing the client with encrypted phones, e-mail, and secure computers can prevent information or conversations from being compromised but only if both the sender and receiver of the information keep it secure. 

Home/Property Security:

ISA physical security consultants go beyond gates and lighting. Our teams look at the property as an extension of its owner and how security measures appear may not need to be overly defensive or portray a ‘bunker mentality” as if the owner is imprisoned in their own home.

Intrusion detection can consist of hidden motion sensors, lighting, and camera systems that blend into the landscaping. There may not be a need to cover the property in overt systems that change the character of the home.

Mitigation and access control can consist of landscaping and water features, targeted audio and intense lighting systems, decorative fencing with hidden remotely deployed walls and barriers, and if needed a nearby security presence.

Stopping a stalker, would be thief or paparazzi from getting close to the home or allowed to walk on the properly undiscovered is an unacceptable risk. But while K-9 and armed guards do have a place in any security program, we ensure the systems and procedures that are installed address the threat and do so in a financially responsible way.

And while most in the security industry think in two dimensions, we look up at the heavens for a threat as well because of the increased use of drones. Armed drones, camera-equipped drones, explosive packed drones. Every new technology has its own negative application and we have solutions to the drone issue.      

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