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Let’s keep this simple

 Not everyone wants or can afford its own risk mitigation and executive protection program. It may be required by a regulatory agency, the board or insurance requirements. So why take on the administrative and operational burden when ISA can build your program and manage it for you.

As an “inside” vendor we assume the daily operational management responsibilities of your program and ensure it meets the requirements to address a threat or regulatory requirement. ISA will recruit the protective team, oversee daily operations, budgets, and resource management as well as all training and assist with human resourcing requirements. No other security management company can provide a more complete package of services and consistently come in at or under budget and maintain high operational efficiency.

Our programs will;

  1. Meet state regulatory requirements
  2. Meet insurance and liability restrictions
  3. Meet IRS tax regulations


So if your family or business needs a protective program please reach out to our team here at ISA and make us apart of your team.

Matthew Parker ATO, DPS
[email protected]